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The Black Mill

Until 1970 there had been a mill 550 feet up on Barham Down since the first was built in the 13th century.

The accounts for 1324 - 1325 show the miller paying 20 quarters of grain as his fee for grinding.   Sixty years later when the Black Death has passed, things are not so good and Peter the Miller fled owing 14d (about 0.06).

At that time a new millstone cost 1 12s 4d (1.62) with an additional 2s 0d (0.10) being charged for setting.   24lbs of canvas for the sails cost 4s 7d (0.23).

The windmill is first recorded on a map in 1596.

The last mill (in the photo) was constructed in 1835 by John Holman of Canterbury.   It ceased to grind corn in the 1930s.

The mill was featured in a 1958 television broadcast with the old miller Mr A. Kirby and his wife.

It also featured prominently in the story line of the 1955 film "Raising a Riot" staring Kenneth Moore.

It burned down whilst being renovated by Kent County Council.