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11th Century - Barham Sized Up for Taxation


Norman Conquest William the Conqueror having defeated Harold at the Battle of Hastings marched to Dover - which surrendered - and then towards Canterbury where, on Barham Downs, the Kentish men met William to swear fealty and deliver hostages.


Domesday Book See village record by selecting "Domesday Book" button.
Barham was held by Odo Bishop of Bayeux who leased it to Fulbert.


Odo, Bishop of Bayeux Village confiscated for conspiracy against William Rufus.
It passed back to the See of Canterbury and ceased to be a separate borough, being made part of the Hundred of Bourne-Kinghamford with the Archbishop as Lord of the Manor.
(To this day the Lord of the Manor of Bishopsbourne is also Lord of the Manor of Barham)