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13th Century - First Record of Troop Camps on Barham Downs


Barham Down Mill Construction of the first windmill on Barham Down.


Gilbert Fitz-Urse Birth about this time.   It is possible that this was in the Barham area in view of its association with Richard Fitz-Urse.


Barham Down John met Isabella of Angouleme on the Downs and conducted her to Canterbury for a double Coronation in the Cathedral.


Warine Fitz-Urse Liver Ruseus Vol II pg470 - SAC pg113 records 
"Milites tenentes de Arch Cant; Warinus de Berham dimidium feodum in Bereham - Warine held lands in Barham near Canterbury by Knight service as one of the military tenants of the Archbishop.


Barham Down King John retained his army to wait the invasion threatened by Philip, King of France.


Henry de Bereham Son of Gilbert Fitz-Urse born.


Warin de Bereham Son of Gilbert Fitz-Urse born.


Gilbert de Bereham Son of Gilbert Fitz-Urse born.


Gilbert Fitz-Urse In the Chaper Library at Canterbury is the original charter by which "Gilebertus filius Warini de Berham granted to the prior and convent of Christchurch Canterbury a rent-charge upon a portion of his lands at Berham "for the lights and other uses of the alter of the blessed Mary in the nave of that church" the charter is not dated. Among witnesses are Thomas de Ocholte, Ralph de Berham, and Robert de Hamme.


Death by Jousting Calendar of Patent Rolls 28 Henry III - SAC pg113 records
Pardon to Gilbert de Bereham for the death of Richard de Tapinton whom he killed my misadventure with a lance in jousting; on condition that he make his peace with the relatives and stand is trial if anyone will proceed against him. Mandate of Sheriff of Kent to permit him to remain in his bailiwick to restore to him any goods he may have taken.


Lands Issue Feet of Fines Kent 39 Henry III - SAC pg114 records
Gilbert de Bereham and Lucy his wife were parties to several fines of lands in Berham and the neighbourhood between 1246 and 1249.


Henry de Bereham Archeologica Cantiana Vol XII pg 203 - SAC pg114 records
Henry de Bereham son of Gilbert paid the aid assessed upon his lands at Barham (that is half a Knight's fee held of the Archbishop of Canterbury) at the knighting of Prince Edward.


Gilbert de Bereham Died before 24 Jul 1255 on which date Lucy, his widow, became the wife of Henry de Bereham.


Henry de Bereham Son of Henry de Bereham born.


Barham Down In preparation for the threatened war against France, King John encamped with an army of 50,000 men.


Henry de Bereham Roberts cal gen vol I pg 246 - SAC pg114 records
Henry de Bereham was implicated in Simon de Montfort's rebellion in 1264 and died before 1276. Richard de Bereham (probably Henry's uncle) was an adherent of the Earl of Leicester


Simon de Montfort Edicts that an army drawn from every town, city and village be assembled on Barham Down during the Baron's war "against the foreigners".