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15th Century - Hard Times Prevail for Villagers


Barham Church Many of the smaller church arches and the upper part of the church tower are dated to this century.
  Duchess of Burgandy Visits her brother King Edward IV and a tentorium is erected in her honour on Barham Down.   A wagon hauled by two horses was required to supply the food and drink.


Barham Downs Henry VI came from his crowning in Paris to be met on Barham Downs by his Barons and Commons and escorted to Canterbury and on to London.


Views of Frankpledge Court The Grand Jury also fined the whole Borough of Barham 6s 8d (just over 0.33) for concealing the crime committed by Alice Morrys of removing 1 quarter of wood worth 8d (0.03) from the house of Robert Mellars.


Views of Frankpledge Court 10th October - William Jule the Barham Borsholder (old Kentish name for constable) presented 3 bakers and 11 brewers for breaching the assize on bread and ale (i.e. below the standard quality or weight).   The common fine was fixed at 2/- (0.10).


Views of Frankpledge Court April - 10 defaulters were presented by the Borsholder whilst another 19 new cases for breach of the assize on bread and ale were recorded.   In addition 2 men are fined 4d (just under 0.02) for assult plus William Morrys and his wife Alice fined 6d (0.02) for assulting Marjorie Swayn.


Barham Church William Knachbull, directs in his will, that the profits from one cow (to be renewed when necessary) be given to providing one light for the cross in the Chapel of St. Anthony on every festival - for ever.