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16th Century - Legend of the Golden Calf (Still Sought)


Archbishop Warham The Kentish Visitations claim that trees in the churchyard would prevent a cross being carried upright and that it is full of unlawful beasts.


Barham Down Henry VIII institutes the first archaeological dig in Barham - seeking the Golden Calf - a persistent legend of treasure buried by retreating Britons fleeing the Romans.   It uncovered some gold-embellished armour.
1522 Barham Downs Meeting between Henry VIII and Charles V of Germany.
1540 Barham Downs Henry VIII met Anne of Cleves prior to taking her as another wife!
1569 Census Population estimated at 180 inhabitants.    There are about 60 houses.
1590 Rochester Assizes Item 1841 (16 July 1590)
John Pottin (or Fishenden) was tried for two crimes:-
On 15 February he stole a grey mare (value 3) from Matthew Downer in Brenchley.
On 25 April he stole 2 brass pots (value 2s) and a pewter dish (value 6d) from Richard Shore in Barham.
He was found guilty to hang.
Calendar of Assize Records - Kent Indictments - Elizabeth I" published by HMSO 1979
1596 Barham Down Mill First map record of Barham Down windmill.