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17th Century - English Civil War


Broome Park Originally design by Inigo Jones, Broome Park was was constructed over a period of years.


Murder There seems to be some evidence of a significant murder in the village during this century but at the moment no other details are to hand.
1605 Barham Court Finished in this year.
1612 Barham Church Records reveal the arrival of the book of Common Prayer - even though the Act of Parliament of 1549 had allowed this to be available to all.
1623 Barham Downs Prince Charles (later Charles I) and Charles Villiers (later Duke of Buckingham) were apprehended when they could not produce their credentials - but were allowed to pass as they were travelling incognito. 
1625 Barham Downs King Charles I met Henrietta Maria of France before taking her to Canterbury Cathedral for the Royal Wedding ceremony.
1632 Barham Church Two church wardens were summoned to appear in Canterbury to answer a complaint that the church " so annoyed with pigeons that parishioners cannot sit without annoyance....".   In his reply one man said that he hoped to go out of office to avoid the burdens. 
1633 Barham Church Present 30" Treble bell cast by John Wilnar.   The original 2nd bell was also cast at the same time but this was recast in 1834.
1644 Civil War King's troops assemble on Barham Down for an attack on Dover Castle which was held by Cromwellian supporters.
1649 Census Population estimated by the church to be 250.
c1650 Barham Church The first "protestant" region meetings ere held in Barham around this time.
1660 Restoration of Charles II Charles II was welcomed home on 25th May, at Barham Downs, by the Kentish Regiment of Foot - after his long years of exile.