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Barham School Log Book - World War 1

These short log book entry transcriptions are relevant to World War 1 - as recorded by the Head Master

The start of the war on 28th July 1914 was not recorded but the Annual District Flower Show was...

7th August 1914
The 1st Barham Troop of Boy Scouts have been released from attendance upon a requisition from the Chief Constable for service on the roads.

2nd October 1914
Admitted two refugees from Liege, now staying in Barham – Marie von Damme and Julien van Damme.

29th October 1914
The girls are knitting socks, belts, mittens, scarves for the soldiers and sailors in needlework lesson and in odd moments.

30th October 1914
Mr Harry Baylis, having joined Lord Kitchener's Army, has been granted leave of absence commencing 2nd November.

4th November 1914
Mr H Baylis returned to duties this morning having failed to pass the Army Medical.

12th March 1918
Cpl of Horse, A F Willis, 1st Life Guards an old boy home from the Western Front visited this morning.

10th March 1915
This afternoon the boys were taken to witness an inspection by General Sir Charles Rundle of the 23rd Signal Company R E, the general being too busy himself sent his A D C (Capt. Nicholson) to express his pleasure at seeing them present.

14th June 1915
Trooper A Willis, 1st Life Guards (an old boy) who has been on the Front since last September visited the schools this morning. He is returning  to the Front again this evening.

3rd February 1916
Staff Sergeant Rose, 1st Lifeguards, an old boy from the Front, visited this morning. He returns to France tomorrow.

11th February 1916
J van Damme, a Belgian, has left owing to his father obtaining employment in London.

1st June 1916
Owing to the tragic death of Lord Kitchener, the school flag is flying at half mast.

27th November 1916
Sergeant W Loader, from the Somme Front, an old boy, visited the school this afternoon.

8th January 1917
Corp A Willis, 1st Life Guards, and old boy from the Front, visited this morning.

19th January 1917
£2.4s.0d has been collected by the children of these schools for the Belgian Children's Relief Fund.

13th March 1917
Mr Baylis, having been called for Military Service, the school is without an Assistant Master. Owing to this the T T cannot be strictly adhered to.

5th July 1917
A half holiday this afternoon for the Soldiers Sports at Broome Park.

19th July 1917
As the girl’s room is being used this afternoon by the soldiers, the girls are working in the Boy’s Dept – Friday afternoon’s lessons being taken instead of needlework.

7th August 1917
Ernest Newman R H A, an old boy from the Front, visited the school.

5th October 1917
12 children have been admitted during the weekend, several from Dover, who have come inland to avoid the air-raids.

12th December 1917
Pte Mummery The Buffs, an old boy, visited - being home from the French Front.

24th January 1918
Sargeant Regan, R A M E, visited this morning.

13th February 1918
Private W E Bushell A S C, an old boy, visited.

Cpl of Horse, A F Willis, 1st Lifeguards, and old boy, home from the Western Front, visited this morning.

22nd March 1918
Sapper G E Knight an old boy from the Western Front visited this morning.

3rd April 1918
Commander Viscount & Viscountess Broome visited the school this morning.   All the children assembled in the Boy’s room and his lordship described to them the fight off the Dardanelles with the “Goeben” and “Breslau” when his ship the “Raglan” was lost.

The flag of the Raglan which was saved was exhibited and proved of great interest to Teachers and Scholars.   It is to be deposited in Barham Church on Friday next and his lordship expressed a wish that a half holiday might be given so that all the school children could attend the ceremony.

5th April 1918
A half holiday is to be given this afternoon in order to allow the children to attend the ceremony of the presentation of the Ensign of H M S Raglan to the care of the church.

23rd April 1918
Ord Sea E G Langford (an old boy) visited.

25th April 1918
F Andrews A B, H M, T B D Sceptre (an old boy visited)

26th July 1918
Cpl Baylis (Assistant Master) home on leave from France visited the school this morning.

2nd August 1918
Sapper W D Knight RE (an old boy) from the Front, visited this morning.

1st October 1918
Sapper G E Knight RE (an old boy) from the Front visited this morning.

22nd October 1918
H R Loder, 6th Batt The Buffs (an old boy) home on leave from the Western Front visited this morning.   L/Cpl S F Weston 12 Norfolks (an old boy) on leave from the Western Front visited this afternoon.

4th December 1918
L/Cpl H S Colyer Australian Imperial Force (an old boy) visited the school.

9th December 1918
Sergeant W Loder (an old boy) from France visited.

13th December 1918
Pte F W Hobbs I F (an old boy) who had been a prisoner of war for 8 months in Germany visited the school this morning.

18th February 1919
Cpl Baylis (late assistant) visited and spoke to the boys about the War area he was serving in

19th February 1919
Pte F Taphouse R A F (an old boy) visited.

17th October 1919
Spr P Gower and Dvr R Gower (two old boys) of the Russian Relief Force visited this afternoon.

11th November 1919
The King’s call was obeyed this morning when at 11 o’clock the children assembled in the main room and stood in silence for two minutes, thus paying a tribute of remembrance to the Glorious Dead who died that England might live.

1st December 1919
Viscountess Broome visited and presented the Peace Mugs to the children.

12th August 1925
The Misses de Ceuninck from Ostend visited.   They were refugees from Belgium during the War and came here to school.