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A Railway that was Planned but never Built 

On 30th November 1835 at 7pm plans for a new railway were deposited by interested parties at the Parliamentary Agents in London.   This was to run from Herne Bay Town (just inland from the pier), via Canterbury, to Dover (just inland from Prince of Wales Pier).

The published route was projected through the following parishes: -

Herne - Chislet - Canterbury (St Stephens, St Dunstans, St Mildreds, St Mary Bredin) - Patrixbourne - Bridge - Bishopsbourne - Kingston - Barham - Wooton - Lydden - Temple Ewell - River - Buckland - Charlton - Dover (St James, St Marys)

It would have passed through Barham on an incline from just west of the Black Robin pub to pass through the present Rectory before following the line of Barham Downs towards Wooton.

Interestingly the lands on the east side of the Valley Road, north of the village in the area of Out Elmstead, were owned by Dover Harbour Board, who seemed to have great interest in the project.   The northern part of the line was to be close to (or at) the Canterbury and Whitstable Railway station in North Lane, Canterbury which was opened on 3rd May 1830.   Whether there were planned later co-operations is not known at this stage as only the Reference Book and plan have been found and examined..