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The Woodman's Arms Pub

The Woodman taken in the 1930s

The Woodman in 2008
(notice one door has been converted to a window and the end chimney has been removed)

The building as a whole is Grade II listed and dating back about to at least 1761.   The pub occupied two of three original small cottages and was reputedly owned by the then Mayor of Canterbury.

It is rumoured that the Duke of Cumberland stayed at the pub whilst training his troops on Barham Downs.

It was converted into a pub in 1847 (although not specifically mentioned as such in the 1851 census) with Josiah Page being the first inn keeper until 1882.

In 1923 the pub was valued at 365 and by 1934 this had been increased to 1,300.

Water was laid on in 1929 at a cost of 8/9/-.

During WWII there are indications that the two large bedrooms were utilised by ENSA with the room between being used as a dressing room.   Both bedrooms contained a large number of wooden pegs 6 to 8 inches long on which to hang heavy or wet clothing.

The demise of the Woodman was unique as on 11th March 1960 Mrs. Rose Murphy, an ex-licensee, objected to the renewal on the basis that The Sportsman's Arms was only two doors away and it was unfair to take a man's money for a pub that could not provide a living.   She had only survived by also taking on catering and the kitchen was used to store casks of beer for no rent, rates or licence duty.

Official visits showed that the greatest number of customers at any one time was 10 and the average during the day was 2.27 and in the evenings 3.75.   The pub and adjoining cottage were purchased by a Mr. C. A. Lindridge for 2,250 on the 13th January 1961 and the pub closed at the end of August.   The property was then converted to a private residence within which a bed and breakfast business was established.

Publicans found in the census records between 1851 and 1901

1851 Census
Name Sex Age Occupation Born
Josiah Page


36 Wood and Timber Dealer


Mary Page F 34 Wife Kent Wooton
Mary Page F 12 Scholar Barham
Josiah Page M 10 Scholar Barham
Elizabeth Page F 6 Scholar Barham
Alfred Page M 4 Scholar Barham
Frances Page F 2   Barham
Ashton Page M 2   Barham
Sarah Bailey F 17 Sevant Kent Wooton
William Fagg M 56 Widow* Kent Ash

* - Guest at the Inn

1861 Census
Name Sex Age Occupation Born
Josiah Page


46 Farmer and Innkeeper


Mary Page F 43 Wife Kent Wooton
Mary Page F 22   Barham
Josiah Page M 20   Barham
Elizabeth Page F 16   Barham
Alfred Page M 14   Barham
Fannie Page F 12   Barham
Ashton Page M 2   Barham
Elizabeth Baker F 17 Visitor* Kent Dover
William Fagg M 16 Tailor* Kent Ash

* - Guest at the Inn

1871 Census
Name Sex Age Occupation Born
Josiah Page


56 Farmer and Innkeeper


Mary Page F 53 Wife Kent Wooton
Ashton Page M 12 Scholar Barham
Elizabeth Apps


18 Dom Servant

Kent Bridge

1881 Census
Name Sex Age Occupation Born
Josiah Page


56 Farmer and Licenced Victualler


Frank L Lawrence M 36 Manager
(Son in Law)
Kent Bridge
Elizabeth Lawrence F 35 Housekeeper Barham
Elizabeth Sims F 38 Wife Kent Elham
Edith Lawrence F 11 Scholar Barham
Frank Lawrence M 9 Scholar Kent Bekesbourne
Thomas H Lawrence M 8 Scholar Kent Bekesbourne
Kath M Lawrence F 6 Scholar Kent Bekesbourne
Arthur Lawrence M 4 Scholar Kent Elham
Frederick Lawrence M 5 Scholar Barham
William Bass M 59 Ag Labourer* Barham
Thomas Bass M 48 Ag Labourer* Barham
John Bass M 46 Ag Labourer* Barham
Thomas ???? M 56 Ag Labourer* Barham
George ???? M 69 Journeyman* Kent Hythe

* - Guest at the Inn

1891 Census
Name Sex Age Occupation Born
Jesse Wise M 45 Licenced Victualler Kent Sheldwich
Eliza Wise F 48 Wife Kent Sheldwich
William Laming M 55 Blacksmith* Kent Willsborough
William Bass M 48 Gardener* Barham
William Harding M 42 Gardener* ????
Frank Strood M 40 Baker* Kent Canterbury

* - Guest at the Inn

1901 Census
Name Sex Age Occupation Born
Jesse Wise M 56 Inn Keeper Kent Sheldwich
Eliza Wise F 50 Wife Kent Sheldwich
Kate Neils F 11 Neice Kent Canterbury

Later inn keepers - after the 1901 census

Under ownership - Bushell, Watkins & Smith

Arthur Willis

1901 - 1908

Richard Moseley

1908 - 1909

Ada Mary Stambridge

1909 - 1910

Thomas Page

1910 - 1913

A Jarvis

1913 - 1918

D H Dukes

1918 - 1925

Under ownership - Jude Hanbury 1925 - 1929
Under ownership - Whitbread from 1929

Joseph & Mrs Rose Murphy

1925 - 1957

(Three temporary tenants)

1957 - 1960

C. A. Lindridge