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Seismology Station

The location of the Barham Seismology Station is at: -
Adisham Road, Barham.
Map Reference: TR216950

Photo by Nick Catford - for more information click to Subterranea Britannica

Barham has its own seismology station - forming part of the United Kingdom's Ministry of Defence network of stations used in connection with the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty verification process.

It would also have been used by the Royal Observer Core to monitor any radioactive fallout in the event of a nuclear attack.

It was opened in June 1960 and is said, by the MOD, to have been closed in September 1991 but it could still operating as it continues to be listed by the Federation of Digital Broad-Band Seismograph Networks as having a code of BHM, being in the "Blacknest" programme and having characteristics listed as "BB, 85db, vertical only".

On a visit by the Royal Observer Corps in 1994 it was said to be in good external condition.   A quantity of paperwork was removed, during the visit, and donated to the ROC museum. One of the papers referred to 'routine checks for UKNET seismograph equipment'.   There were, apparently, two dozen large batteries on the floor, sufficient to run the equipment unattended for several years.