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Barham was originally two hamlets named Barham and Derringstone

Listed Buildings - Barham

Canterbury Road

Broome Park Hotel (c17th)
Loggia in Italian Garden
Steward's Lodge (c18th)
The Cottage (c17th)
The Stables (c17th + c18th)

Church Lane

Anne Court (c17th)
Church Cottage
1 and 2 Farm Cottages
(c15th or c16th)
Rose Cottage and Old Well House
St John the Baptist Church

Dover Road


Hearts Delight Farmhouse (c18th)

Out Elmstead Lane

Apple Cottage (c17th)
Black Mill Cottage
Digges Place
and garden wall (c17th)
 - plus former barn (Medieval)
Elmstone Court
and gate piers (c19th)
Footbridge over Ford

Rectory Lane

Barham Court (c18th and c20th)
Court Cottage (c16th and c17th)
Egerton House (c18th)
The Old Dairy House (c20th)

The Street

Barham Court plus garden wall (18th)
Barham House Nursing Home (c18th)
Blacking Bottle Cottage (c18th)
Bridge Cottage (c18th)
Church of St John the Baptist (c13th)
Clare Cottage (c18th)
Corner Cottage (c15th or c16th)
Dane Cottage (c17th)
Jasmine (c19th)
Little Oak Hall (c15th or c16th)
No 3 Bwthyn Clyd (c19th)
Shirley (c19th)
Syringa (c19th)
Theberton House (c18th)
The Old Bakehouse (c18th)
The Old House (c18th)
Yew Tree Cottage (c19th)

The Yard

Valley Road

Riverside & Riverside Cottage (c18th)
The Little Manor (c18th)

Listed Buildings - Derringstone
Birch Court
Brickfield Road
Crookenden Place

Derringstone Hill

Barham Methodist Chapel (c19th)
Brown Cottage
Derringstone Hill Farmhouse
Derringstone Hill House
Duniston Court
Sydney House

Derringstone Street

No 4 (c18th)
Broome Cottage
Footbridge at Ford
Jock's Lodge
The Old Farmhouse

Fox Way
Gravel Castle Road
Heathfield Way

Old Scrutch Shaw

Horsehead Farmhouse (c18th)

Oxenden Way
Kitchener Close
Rabbit Hole

Railway Hill

1 Railway Terrace (c18th)
2 Railway Terrace (c18th)
3 Railway Terrace (c18th)
3 Railway Cottages (c18th)
4 Railway Cottages (c18th)
Cornerways (c18th)
Days Cottage (c18th)
Derringstone Manor (c15th)
Farm Cottage (c18th)
Finch Cottage (c18th)
Ford Cottage (c18th)
Ivy House

Redgate Shaw

Shelvin Lane

Maryville (c17th)

South Barham Road

Heaselands (c18th)
South Barham Farm Cottage (c16th)
South Barham Farm Barn

The Causeway

Friends Cottage (c18th)

The Grove
Valley Road
 Breach Farmhouse (c15th)
 Little Breach Farmhouse
Little Breach Farmhouse Barn (c18th)
 The Dolls House
K6 Telephone Kiosk (c20th)
 Little Breach Cottage
 The Red House