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Kelly's Directory of 1847 describes the village as being "...an extensive parish and considerable village, 6 miles S. E. from Canterbury, delightfully situated on the Dover road, a little south from the Barham Downs, is surrounded with picturesque scenery and rural beauty".

The hop gardens, described by Kelly, are no more, but beautiful semi-wooded countryside is now protecting the area for future generations.

Being almost equidistant between Canterbury, Dover and Folkestone and makes the village an ideal centre from which to explore attractive scenery and over 1,000 years of history.

It isn't that Barham has no history itself -

The village dates back, at least, to its first mention in 799AD - and contains 185 historic sites that have been catalogued by Kent County Council.

The parish contains 77 listed structures, not only buildings but walls, a footbridge and -
...a 1936 classic telephone kiosk.

It provided the home for one of the four knights who, in 1175, murdered St Thomas a Beckett in Canterbury Cathedral.   As a result the family adopted the name of this village and descendents with that family name can be found in many countries of the world.


For more information on the village history and associated genealogy click here to go to the history area.


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London City...........72 miles
London Gatwick.....72 miles
London Heathrow...97 miles
London Stansted....90 miles
Barham lays just to the west, but out of site, of the Main A2 trunk road.   The village is well signposted at north and south access via local roads.
National Express route 007 to Canterbury then by Stagecoach East Kent bus route 17.
International Rail
Services stop at Ashford International.
Local Private Transport
Chauffeur and taxi services are available in the village and are listed under -
Local Traders.