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The West Sussex Railway Touring Trust was set up by Trevor Tupper and John Vaughan who ran special trains from Chichester and Worthing, twice a year, from 1970 until 1981.

Normal rolling stock was the Brighton - Exeter set in early days with later trains being provided from Clapham Yard.   Motive power was usually a brace of Cromptons for the whole journey or as far as Western Region frontier controls or EDLs as far as Willesden Junction.   One train to Margate was formed of ICBC stock and the overnight trains to Edinburgh were 12Vep as far as Victoria and 16 bogies from there.

Trevor is quite proud to have stopped road traffic in Chichester for 30 minutes after arrival of the Edinburgh service. 

I would like to thank Trevor for making contact and giving us details of trains that undoubtedly kept us busy at the time.

20th May 1970

08 20 Worthing to Kingswear with D6506 and D6583 photographed at Churston


30th August 1970

18 00 Ilfracombe to Worthing (return) waiting to depart behind D6566 and D6558.

31st May 1971

07 20 Chichester to Llandudno nearing its destination behind D1620. 

29th August 1971

D6553 and D6597 back onto the empty stock of the Worthing to Weston Super Mare train - at Hove

29th May 1972
East Anglian Limited

07 35 Chichester to Yarmouth waiting to depart behind D6572 and D6584.

 27th August 1972

18 10 Paignton to Lancing (return) hauled by D6559 and D6562

28th May 1973

07 05 Chichester to Blackpool North

E3012 backing onto the train at Mitre Bridge Jn

27th August 1973

Hove to Tenby

D1670 heading the train at Basingstoke

27th May 1974


07 40 Hove to Plymouth


33031 and 33037 running round at Exeter St Davids

26th August 1974

Chichester to Morecambe (with connecting DMU to Carnforth)

Intrepid passengers at Carnforth with 45407, 44871 and a saddle tank in the background.


26th May 1975


Chichester to Llandudno (with connecting DMU to Blaenau)


22nd to 24th August 1975


Chichester to Edinburgh


31st May 1976


Worthing to Penzance


30th August 1976

Chichester to York (with optional extra to Scarborough)


6th June 1977

Chichester to Margate


28th August 1977

Worthing to Weston Super Mare


27th May 1978


Worthing to Paignton


23rd August 1978

Worthing to Swansea


27th August 1979


Chichester to Yarmouth




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